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released December 3, 2012

Produced by Teksuo.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Constan M.
All music and lyrics written by Teksuo.

Artwork by Felipe S.M.




Teksuo Principado de Asturias, Spain

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Track Name: Pillars of Creation
Since all this began, we grow day by day
We fall in love, we fight with dementia
Consumed by power and greed

No matter who and when, just want the best for ourselves
The pillars of creation are falling apart
And we never rest 'till everything is dead
And we will never rest 'till everything is dead

Can you hear the cries?
When you realize, it's too late
Can you feel the blood on your feet?

It's time to get the revenge
Too late for tears and regrets
Now feel the taste of blood in your mouth
I told you... It's too late
Track Name: Toxic Legacy
I don't understand the life we're living
Puppets of democracy
Don't tell me that is just fine
The powers of the state are corrupted
Controlled by man's avarice
Don't believe the lies they said to you
Don't trust the promises they tell you
The only promise they can comply is fuck your life

Raise your fist in the air
Fight for life, fight for all your rights
Raise your fist in the air
Fight for life, fight for all your rights

You know this can be changed
This is the quest of life
Open your eyes and realize
That we deserve the freedom reign
Track Name: Redshift
Don't... Don't close your eyes
Pray... And feel the fucking blade
Forgiven by my hand, you crawl under knives
Forgotten on their eyes, this lie you can't deny

Burn, in this wicked land
Burn, I'll spit on your bones

You've haunted all our lifes, you've cross the fucking line
The dark side of your soul it's drowning on the storm
Don't close your fucking eyes
Bleed, I'll drink your damned blood

If I could scream loud
If I could destroy your life

See... See what I've become
I will rip apart the darkness from your soul

Hey, this is my pray
Flame, fire for the weak
Track Name: Magnetic Monster
I'm a magnetic monster, you can't escape from me
Tonight I'm feeling lonely, I want to feel every drop of pain
Trust me baby, I don't want to hurt you
Just enjoy any bit of life you have left inside

You feel trapped,
You feel magnetized by me
Honey you can't escape
Honey you can't escape this HELL!!!

Begin to notice that you can't breath
But is a strange sensation and you can't leave
Your mouth is dry, your breath is dead
But you're enjoying every second

Live with me, die by my side
Don't be scared you're gonna like it dear
You are attracted by me, and you don't know why
Here's the thing, I'm forbidden to you

The devil lives inside me, and it's hungry of more
So don't be shy and give me your fucking blood

Join me in death
There's no mercy for the sinners
You can't escape
You can't escape this HELL!
Track Name: Pray for Your Remorse
I... I arrived to destroy your fate
I... I arrived to make you pay
For all the pain you inflicted

Making you feel all the misery that you created
Making you loose control over the people you've always hated

Now!!! Take your time to pray for your remorse
Now!!! Take your time to pray for our respect

You know that we have the solution
For all the wrong paths you took for them
For now you will have to check your back
'cause this time could be your end

Pray for your remorse
Don't expect our clemency
Feel cold near your neck
Don't close your eyes to see the dead
Track Name: Hosting the Sadness
When I look into her eyes
I can see all the pain that she has endured

She was under the delusion that you loved her
But she learned to dry all the tears

Ten years drenched in blood (Ten years of mistakes)
A whole life of disgrace (A new life in death)

I lost control, I can't believe she's gone
Look for someone to love you again, in hell!!!

Now when I look in your eyes, the only I can see
Is you... Buried to the ground.
Track Name: For You
All I know is not
Enough to fill the hole inside me

All your love could be worth
All my blood

Awake late at night
(Hope for a new day)
You'll be eternal
(I'll hear your name)

This is for you
This is for me
This is for all we knew

Why you were here
But now you're not

Will not spread my sorrow
Will not forget you
Track Name: Gerion
You! (you)
Feel the darkness, set your eyes onto her face
Face the secrets and the promises that you made (made)
Made of hatred, made of storms from the void
Filled with flesh and the screams of the dead

Fall! (fall)
Cross the oceans looking for ruthless cries
Release the tears, raise your shadows to the skies (sky)
Shattered fortress of beliefs built with flames
Feed the fire with emotions, see this pain

I feel betrayed
I feel drowned in my misery
I can see my disgrace
And nothing seems to change

Broken, pounded with your hands
Fallen, dropped from the sun

Now you can stay here, await
Turn up your eyes to the stars
Put the shinest in the dark
It's my last chance to start
Track Name: Symmetry of Chaos
This is my las demonstration
Today I'll take control
People has not salvation
Judgement day has come

It's time to unleash all the fury
Earth, wind and fire... You will bun
The elements wants to show you
All the things you did wrong

Now we can see our faults
All that we got, we'll have to repair
Now we can fix all the faults
Our mother earth makes us blame

We are in time
To solve the things which should never be
We don't want more demonstrations
How weak humans could be???

We should be ashamed
Track Name: Rising Tide
I don't care what you think about me
Who the fuck you think you are?
Don't tell me what I have to do
(Don't you fucking dare)
This is the life I chose
(And I never regret)

People says that we are insane
Daddy thinks: This is just a game

You make all my darkest days
You never had faith in me
But now I will prove to you
I found my own way without you
Track Name: Alien Syndrome
Like a black swan
In a frozen lake
Trapped under ice
But still on fire

As the last cloud
In a burning sky
Gentle and quiet
But always threatening

Twisted, slaughtered
Denied to conquer
Wiser, stronger
Able to conquer

This world
Like the Alien I am
Sedated no more
The lights will fade away now
Are you prepared?

Here I come
From the outer space
Not my fault
Thy soul will heed my word
Track Name: The Black Door
Memories crossing on your trail
Bound to fire

Flame of sorrow, drowned in pain
Bound to ashes

Walking with no fate
Towards this dark room
Come in and you'll see
All this illusion awaits you
Take your last breath

There's no time to take you, look behind
Drop the child's hand
Would you stay and say goodbye?

Shadows are pointing
Towards the black door
Come in and you'll see
Pushing back all this feelings
To rise and be born again

We'll fall and rise again

Death is the tie that bind us